Gubernator online game

What is it?

The online political game Gubernator was created, like most games of this type - out of boredom and as a practice in programming. Around 2001, following a very simple yet ingenious ZX Spectrum game Dictator (or one of its many imitations) I put together what could be called a game.

political online game gubernator

Like the original, it's a single-player game, it has its limitations (after all, it was made a long time ago), but after all, the goal was not to create a monumental masterpiece. We have several social groups here (farmers, industrialists, tribal elders, military, secret police), each of which is waiting for the player to stumble. Each of these groups has their goals to achieve, and you as a leader have to make difficult decisions, behind each of them there is a reaction of individual groups, but until you take it you can only guess who will react and how.

The whole game is about maneuvering to stay at the wheel as long as possible. So really, just like in real life.

Casual online game

If you count on the depth of the simulation, you will unfortunately be disappointed - The Governor was supposed to be very simple and rather belongs to the casual gaming genre. We are working on an adult version of it, The Nation Leader, which will simulate in much more detail the aspects of being the unlucky leader lame country, but it will take some time to refine it. In addition, the game will contain several scenarios, not just one, as is the case with Gubernator.

Despite its simplicity, The Governor has 14 different endings, as you can easily guess, most of them are negative endings - after all, I didn't make this game for people to have fun :)

political online game gubernator