Gubernator online game

Game improvement

Some more changes were made to the game structure, there were slight interface improvements, but also there was one bigger change - economy report. After each decision you make, the will be summary of how it has influenced the social groups of you...

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Game structure rework

The game interface, as well as the data structure, were reworked as a preparation for the new, improved version of the game. Soon new features will be introduced to Gubernator, which will make the gameplay less linear and will open new possibilities ...

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Slight interface improvement

The interface of Gubernator just got a slight upgrade - all the event reports and game endings just got pictures that illustrate the details of your decision. It is not much of an upgrade, but certainly makes the game look nicer....

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English version

Gubernator online game has just been extended with the English version, which is an exact reflection of the Polish version - now users from all over the world can experience this... moving simplicity of the Gubernator. In addition, some content has b...

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Interface upgrade

After years and years of gathering dust in the dark corner of the server the interface of Gubernator has just been upgraded. In recent months became popular devices known as "cellular phones", so we decided to give it a try and risk adaptin...

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